Press kit for Tank Off by Martian Games

Tank Off

Tank Off

Multiplayer Tank-Centric Capture-The-Flag

Battle Arena !

Alternate Universe WWII with Alien-Tech Rocket-Powered Tanks !

Coming Soon to Steam

Available to play on GameJolt.

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  1. Multiplayer! 10-Player Rooms
  2. Unlock 3 Tanks .. (2 more are currently in development)
  3. Choose from 3 Maps: Forest, Desert, or Military Base (more maps on the way!)
  4. Upgrade Attributes like: Speed, Turbo Recharge, Reload Speed, Cannon Damage, etc
  5. Hang out, Chat and make new friends!

Tanks can:

  • Jump! [SPACE key]
  • Turbo! [SHIFT]
  • Float and Jet through water!
  • Rocket-Propel through the air!


  • Developer: Martian Games
  • Released: pre-alpha 2020
  • Platform: PC, WebGL
  • Engine: Unity 3D

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From the players

"I played this game initially by accident and was immediately hooked. A great game with a friendly playing community" - Think Tank

Download the Press kit .zip file